Assignment 02: Seam-ful Composite

Lisa Simpson and friend visiting Joseph Cornell* collages in the museum

Use Photoshop to create a composite image in which the seams are highly evident. Use only material that you or others have scanned from print. Your composition should address the theme of Posthumanity, as covered in class, through our reading material, and through this post.

Integrate choice of source material, method of assembly, and composition to address the theme of Posthumanity with all aspects of your image. Consider carefully how the seams are revealed, how the evidence of seams might contribute to your exploration of the Posthuman.

Your completed image should measure at least 9×12 printed, at 300 pixels per inch.

You may share source material with another classmate, as long as your compositions are distinct. When scanning material, be sure to scan at a high resolution: 300 pixels-per-inch if you’re planning on using the source material around the same size, higher if you aim to scale it larger.

In preparation for the project, complete at least one worksheet to be handed in with the final project.


Monday 9/6 – no class (Labor Day)

Wednesday 9/8 – Bring scanned material to class, and have worksheet completed. Have read assigned reading. Tech session and discussion.

Monday 9/13 –  Project due printed. Critique.

* [Who’s Joseph Cornell?]


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