Project 03: Illustration (authenticity)

due printed on Monday, September 27

You have been commissioned to create illustrations for a biographical book. Your illustrations are to be based on sketchbooks or notebooks kept by the book’s subject. The problem is, there exist no sketchbooks by this person. Also, the client wants them to look “kinda sketchy – you know REAL – but also nice, you know – in COLOR, finished looking.”

Your job is to create five finished illustrations by faking, and then dressing up, at least four sketchbook entries for your book’s subject.

You may choose any subject you like for your book, a real or invented person, living or dead, or choose from the examples listed in this post.

If you invent or choose your own person, the more specific you are, the better the results. Choose not just a person, but a place, a period in his or her life, a story through which this person kept a journal.

Your “sketches” should include at least some drawing from life/observation, but could also include written notes, lists, maps, doodles, directions, diagrams.

Your best method (which I will demonstrate in class) will be to draw on paper with non-photo blue pencil (I’ll provide), then go back with dark pencil or ink to create your “sketch.”

Scan in your sketches, clean them up in Photoshop, then add color or texture in Photoshop as needed to make them appear “finished-looking.” You may also rely on Photoshop’s drawing and brush tools and a Wacom tablet, as long as you do some drawing by hand as well, and as long as the result looks “real.”


Wednesday 9/15 – have identified at least one actual sketchbook or notebook, in print or web form, to use as reference material for style, etc. Bring one image to class to draw from observation for use in your final prints.

Monday 9/20 – have read assigned reading. Discussion. Lab time

Wednesday 9/22 – lab time

Monday 9/27 – projects due printed. Crit.

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