Project 04 – Instructional Graphics (the universal)

Instructional graphics attempt to distill visual communication to its smoothest, clearest form. Whenever possible, they avoid symbolic or indexical forms of representation, aiming for iconic imagery in the plainest sense – everything in a instructional graphic must not only look like the essence of the thing it represents, it must look like ALL instances of that thing.

For this project, you will create a series of instructional graphics that take us with great clarity and simplicity to summing up the most universal aspects of life. Select or invent four rules or slogans to follow for life – either separate rules, or an ordered set of four to follow – and create an instructional graphic for each.

You will output the results as a single poster, featuring your four instructional graphics, captions, and a title.

Your first step in this process is to decide on the following:

1 – Four “rules for life,” found or authored
2 – an idea for modeling/illustrating these four rules in an internally consistent, non-symbolic manner.

Once you’ve devised answers to these, you will create photographs for each of your four pictures, and then use them as guides for creating vector graphics.

Special Option

If you want to work with a partner, you can create a total of 6 instructional graphics for the same 6 “rules for life,” resulting in a single poster.


Mon 9/27 – final prints due for Project 03. Worksheets due for Project 04. tech demo for vector graphics
Wed 9/29 – have taken your photographs to use for Project 04. Bring to class for use in creating Vector graphics
Mon 10/4 – review work in process for Project 04. Review poster strategies
Mon 10/6 – final prints due


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