Project 05 – Infovisualization (initial homework)

(FINAL PRINT DUE OCT 25. More of the project will be explained next week.)

Read this short article for class Monday.

Choose a dataset – textual, image or otherwise – of a substantial size. Devise a query of your set that you can carry out manually or with computer aid, a query that produces between 25 and 50 results. Then design at least 3 secondary queries that you can pose of those results.

Bring to class your dataset, your query, your three sub-query questions. In class, we’ll design a visualization that reflects the answers to this query and subquery.

Some examples would include:

DATASET: The Holy Bible, King James Version
QUERY: Where does the word “measure” appear?
SUB QUERY 01: What book does it appear in?
SUB QUERY 02: What is being measured?
SUB QUERY 03: Is this for real?

DATASET: My Facebook friends
QUERY: Whom did I add just to be polite?
SUB QUERY 01: Where did I know this person from?
SUB QUERY 02: How many mutual friends do we have?
SUB QUERY 03: Would this person listen to Prince?

DATASET: Google Image search for “first”
QUERY: What are the top 40 results?
SUB QUERY 01: What color distribution is represented across these 40?
SUB QUERY 02: How would I categorize these images?
SUB QUERY 03: What words come after “first” for each one?

I’ll present in class some examples of how you might visualize these results, using Illustrator. We’ll have some time to sketch and begin working on the project.


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