Project 7 – Public Image Ltd. (Memory)

image from Guardian article

Create a proposal for a large-scale printed project for a specific public space that addresses the theme of memory. Using a medium of your choice – vector/raster graphics, or even physical media – you are to create both the image(s) to be displayed and a realistic mockup for presentation of your proposal. Present your final as a poster that includes your project’s title and at least three different simulated views of of your completed project. Your poster should also include a shot of the site in an unaltered state.

Consider the following parameters:

  • The budget for your project is a maximum of $50,000. If you come out under budget that’s OK, but you should aim to spend at least half of the budget. (Your measurements can be approximate, as long as they are informed.)
  • Full-color prints for your final project cost $5 per square foot.
  • Single color or greyscale prints for your final project cost $2 per square foot.

For reference, a single image covering the side of our art building would measure approximately 200 feet wide by 50 feet tall, or 10,000 square feet.

You may cut your print up into as many pieces as you like, or propose one single image. As such, the project could exist throughout an entire city – one window on every building, for example, or on every bus shelter, billboard – or across a single building’s facade.

You may mount your project anywhere that you might consider public, on any stationary or moving object.

You may work with a partner if you like. The final project will be due printed Dec 6 (though there will be intermediary deadlines before that, as well as another project you’ll be creating for a powerpoint-like presentation.)

Your site of choice doesn’t have to be local or on-campus, but you will need hi-resolution photos from multiple angles of the site, so consider that in your choice of situation.

Stay tuned for a design questionnaire and some additional prompts/ideas in class.


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