Project 8 – The Annotated Image

from the David Byrne Powerpoint presentation E.E.E.I.

With a partner, create a slideshow of around 20 images in which the same, difficult-to-identify image occurs at least 5 times. Your repeating image can be found or created/altered.

The goal is to use choices of sequence and narration to get us to see this image differently each time, to unfold a new dimension of the image, to let us see a different thing in it, to understand it in a new narrative.

Your slideshow should be very scripted, written for a performance. Use text  or don’t use text, but either way use your written speech and your slides to construct a consistent identity.

For your slideshow, use Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi, or any tool of your choice. (Just don’t read from the slides aloud.)

Some ideas for possible approaches:

  • create a fictional identity for yourselves, or a fictional organization/institution to represent, report on. make it hard for us to tell what’s “real.”
  • explore all the crazy cheesy things that Powerpoint can do, then see if you use them without irony.
  • take your project extremely seriously and try to use it to defamiliarize yourself with a familiar image, or to try and discover deep meaning in an everyday, banal object
  • create an elaborate narrative or story for which the images serve as illustrations
  • don’t talk about the images at all, but time your slideshow to create interesting juxtapositions or clashes between word and image

The MOST important aspect of this project is the presentation. Practice, be prepared to perform it with enthusiasm, clarity, and precision. You may choose one of your team to do the talking, or both talk, or have someone else talk.

Due presented in class, Mon Dec 6


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